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Nobody goes down without a fight. Nobody stays up without grit. Nobody elates without elegance. Nobody charms without finesse. Nobody endures without inventiveness. Nobody understands without imagination. Nobody fears without good reason. Nobody deserves to die — everybody does.

Nobody suffers without cause. Nobody bleeds without blood. Nobody can avoid being dragged into comparisons. Nobody needs to accept them.

Nobody makes love without lust. Nobody makes war without lust for blood.

Nobody should read and nobody should listen. Everybody should feel.

Nobody can tell what tomorrow will be made of. But some people have a better idea, and they should say it.

Nobody can tell me to shut up. Nobody can tell me to talk. I can’t even tell myself.

Nobody expects the unexpected. Nobody respects the disrespectable. Nobody except the unacceptable.

Nothing reads like a novel. Nothing sings like poetry. Nothing convinces like a speech. Nothing worthy fits the genre.

No truth is worth repeating. No lie is worth dismissing. No doubt is worth questioning. No theory is worth demonstrating. No observation is worth interpreting. Don’t get all worked up. It’s just a game.

Nobody can commit to submission. Nobody can abstain from sex. Nobody can have sex all the time. Nobody should submit to commitment. People do love.

There’s no such thing as absolute relativity.

Nobody’s perfect.

No one told me the story had to end. So I ended it myself. Now I am busy learning how to tell it.

Nobody should feel useless. Even uselessness has its uses.

Nobody patient has any patience for impatience. They are just pretending.

This is not war, and no one dies.

My bathroom habits are nobody’s business, but I still have to get my septic tank cleaned every now and then.

My metaphors died on the way to not fitting.

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